Chocolates and Paper Roses

the pearly whites that reflects the sunlight
of pure joy that melts my heart
tame the gods that guards my reason
and open the gates of treasures bastion

those sullen eyes of fiery passion
devours the misty fort of repression
those eyes that holds chasten love
and vestibules of sheer compassion

captured by the halo of your embrace
I’ve knotted the stem of succulent cherry
savored the breeze of your silent breathing
and sealed it with a kiss of ardent fervor

but all are chocolates of dark temptations
and paper roses of sweet nothings
a shroud of spectacle that hides the intentions
like Dorian Gray, you lavished on your impression

still I danced with you as the music played
in a masquerade ball of tweaking and charade
‘til we tire ourselves in this rustic game
and wake up at dusk to see you again.


All is a Lie

Can you read my thoughts?
I don’t know
I’m afraid
Afraid that I might fail
To meet you somewhere I don’t know
My mind can’t conceive
I’m trying to believe
That you just love freedom
But you loved freedom
Too much
Too much, that you wanted freedom
When all I wanted was you.

Can you read my thoughts?
You can’t.
Coz when I’m here waiting
You are there somewhere

My heart screams
My mind dreams
But they were never answered
And will never be.

I said: “I love you”
I never lied.

You said: “I love you”
But you never tried.