In the bleak morning of Winter

The autumn leaves are slowly falling
And the chilly air is getting colder
Soon the snow will cover the mountain ranges
And my breath will blur the crystal window

Then I’ll find the silence empty
And the heat is not warm enough
To cover this small room built for you
In this early winter evening

While friends gather in the hearth of fire
I watch the smoke of the nearby chimney fly
Through these years I wish we are together
If only time will allow us by

In the morning of freezing winter
Your pillow is my only comfort
The sun has spread his joys to welcome strangers
Behind my window sheets

Then the morning after
There will be no new story told
No more milk for dear coffee
But black and bitter as of old

In the bleak morning of winter
Friends gather by the forge
To play games of young and old, I wish
That we’re together, if only time can lie.