The things you do are not always the true measure of who you are.

I am Dina

A wonderful journey to the beauty of the human mind and how the environment can form such a person. This is a movie worth watching.

(*just watched it and it’s beautiful so I want to share it)


Farewell to Broken Heart


Let raindrop fall from dark August skies
And quench the thirst that my soul so desire
Flood the rivers and overflow to the field
Of my heart that has been the living battlefield

Let no man guise’s deceive me once again
‘tis been a masquerade I don’t want to begin
Let me stitch my cut and not yield to the pain
For in pain I know not love will gain

Stumble and fall but not once and for all
Let this circumstance teach us a lesson we call
Avoid the vanity where lies hypocrisy
To submit is a joy fleeting it will always be

Come oh soothing wind and dry this misery
Carry the memories that are painful to me
Rejoice oh mighty sun for I am now free
Now let me start again to where I should be

The beauty of a raindrop from dark August skies
Is a beauty to see now to my eyes
It calms my inner being and rejoices in my light
Learned a precious wisdom, now I wait in pure delight.

The Song of the King

by Max Lucado

Let me share to you a story that has inspired me and taught me how important discernment is and how it can be learned. Read on and be inspired too!

The Song of the King

The three knights sat at the table and listen as the prince spoke. “My father, the king, has pledged the hand of my sister to the first of you who can prove himself worthy. “

The prince paused to let the men take in the news. He looked at their faces –each weathered from miles and scarred from battles. The kingdom knew no stronger warriors than these three. And these three soldiers knew of no fairer maiden than the daughter of the king. Each knight had asked the king for her hand. The king had promised only an opportunity – a test to see which was worthy of his daughter. And now the time for the test had arrived.

“Your test is a journey”, the prince explained, “a journey to the king’s castle by way of Hemlock.”

“The forest?” one knight quickly inquired.

“The forest,” answered the prince.

There was silence as the knights pondered the words. Each felt a stab of fear. They knew the danger of Hemlock, a dark and deadly place. Parts of it were so thick with trees that the sunlight never found the floor. It was the home of the Hopenots – small, sly creatures with yellow eyes. Hopenots were not very strong, but they were clever, and they are many. Some people believed the Hopenots were lost travelers changed by the darkness. But no-one really knew for sure.

“We will travel alone?” Carlisle spoke – a strange question from the strongest of the three knights. His fierce sword was known throughout the kingdom. But even this steely soldier knew better than to travel Hemlock unaccompanied.

“You may each select one companion.”

“But the forest is dark. The trees make the sky black. How will we find the castle?” This time it was Alon who spoke. He was not as strong as Carlisle, but much quicker. He was famous for his speed. Alon left trails of baffled enemies whose grasp he’d escape by ducking into tress or scampering over walls. But swiftness is worthless if you have no direction.

So Alon asked, “How will we find the way?”

The prince nodded, reached into his sack, and pulled out an ivory flute. “There are only two of these,” he explained. “This one and another in the possession of the king.”

He put the instrument to his lips and played a soft, sweet aria. Never had the knights heard such soothing music. “My father’s flute plays the same song. His song will guide you to the castle.”

“How is that?” Alon asked.

“Three times a day the king will play from the castle wall. When the sun rises, when the sun peaks, and when the sun sets. Listen for him. Follow his song and you will find the castle.”

“There is only one other flute like this one?”

“Only one.”

“And you and your father play the same music?”


It was Cassidon inquiring. Cassidon was known for his alertness. He saw what others missed. He knew the home of a traveler by the dirt on his boot. He knew the truth of the story by the eyes of the teller. He could tell the size of a marching army by the number of birds in flight. Carlisle and Alon wondered why he asked about the flute. It wouldn’t be very long before they found out.

“Consider the danger and choose your companion carefully,” the prince cautioned.

The next morning the three knights mounted their horses and entered Hemlock. Behind each rode the chosen companion.

For the people in the king’s castle, the days of waiting passed slowly. All knew of the test. And all wondered which knight would win the princess. Three times a day the people stopped their work to listen. After many days and countless songs, a watchmen spotted two figures stumbling out of the forest into the clearing. No-one could tell who they were. They were too far from the castle. The men had no horses, weapons, or armour.

“Hurry,” commanded the king to his guards, “bring them in. Give them medical treatment and food, but don’t tell anyone who they are. Dress the knight as a prince, and we will see their faces tonight at the banquet.”

He then dismissed the crowds and told them to prepare for the feast.

That evening a festive spirit filled the banquet hall. At every table people tried to guess which knight had survived Hemlock Forest. Finally, the moment came to present the victor. At the king’s signal the people became quiet, and he began to play the flute. Once again the ivory instrument sang. The people turned to see who would enter. Many thought it would be Carlisle, the strongest. Other felt it would be Alon, the swiftest. But it was neither. The knight who survived the journey was Cassidon, the wisest.

He strode quickly across the floor, following the sound of the flute one final time and bowing before the king.

“Tell us of your journey,” he was instructed. The people leaned forward to listen.

“The Hopenots were treacherous,” Cassidon began. They attacked, but we resisted. They took our horses, but we continued. What nearly destroyed us, though, was something far worse.”

“What was that?” asked the princess.

“They imitated.”

“They imitated?” asked the king.

“Yes, my king. They imitated. Each time the song of your flute would enter the forest, a hundred flutes would begin to play. All around us we heard music-songs from every direction.”

“I do not know what became of Carlisle and Alon,” he continued, “but I know strength and speed will not help one hear the right flute.”

The king asked the question that was on everyone’s lips. “Then how did you hear my song?”

“I chose the right companion,” he answered as he motioned for his fellow traveler to enter. The people gasped. It was the prince. In his hand he carried the flute.

“I knew there was only one who could play the song as you do,” Cassidon explained. “So I asked him to travel with me. As we journeyed, he played. I learned your song so well that though a thousand false flutes tried to hide your music, I could still hear you. I knew your song and I followed it.”

Under the Autumn Sun

Under the Autumn Sun

a butterfly flutters in the midday green
searching for flowers nowhere to be seen
sailing in the breeze of an autumn wind
that chills the morning dew beneath its wings

above a lone bird chirps on a tree
waiting for something it can never see
singing a song as sweet as it can be
as the leaves slowly falls from an autumn tree

cold wave splashes on a wooden wharf
on its edge a man sits as though it’s his turf
he stares at a canoe dancing with the ebb
whistle’s a song that gives grace to the act

from afar a cry resounds in the place
a chill of longing, an echo of haste
from the stillness of every thing and silence of today
to the uncertainty of morrow a beautiful chaos is made

as dusk splatter on the canvass of the day
synthetic lights glisten at the quay
following the street lamps he walks on cobblestones
another day is done and he walks home alone.

The Power of Goodbye

There’s no more time to lose
There’s no more heart to bruise
Learn to say goodbye and learn to say no
There is freedom when you’ve learned to let go

I was a fortress you have to burn
You are my lesson I have to learn
There’s no more place for me now I must go
But one thing is true that is I love you so

You are an angel that God gave
Now in your presence I must deprave
For my heart is weak even if I said goodbye
And seeing you from afar is more than a lullaby

There are no more tears to cry
There are no more words to lie
I can feel the emotions are forever gone
What happened between us is now done

Learn to say goodbye
It will hurt but I must try
I can see no reason for me to stay
Lest you stop me and don’t delay

Take me higher into the sky
There’s no greater power than to say goodbye
I tell you it will hurt but I must try
Lest you teach me and give me reasons why.

Thank You

Thank you
For making my nights as bright as day
For showing me my emotions
Are worth counting on thus I may

Thank you
For putting a smile on my face
For showing that life is worth living
And that I should enjoy the race

Thank you
For your simple gestures of kindness
For your time that makes a difference
That fixes the shards of my brokenness

Thank you
For appreciating my musings and poetry
For putting reasons to singularity
That life is indeed a beautiful symmetry

Thank you
For painting my life in colorful palettes
For choosing such a wonderful canvass
That I might have missed if it weren’t in your eyes

Thank you
For meeting me at the crossroads
For sharing and widening our trail
That helped us keep our bode

To you
Who gives me the most beautiful smile each day
Who makes my life sparkle with your stare
Who chooses to flow in the opposite way
Who puts love between you and I
Thank you

You are a gift so precious to own
You are a gift I’m afraid not to own.

Sa Iyong Paglisan

Tulad ng dampi ng hangin sa tag-init
Tulad ng mga ibong umaawit
Ang pagdating mo’y kasing bilis
Ng paglisan mo sa aking libis

Tulad ng mga dahon at bulalak na nalalanta
Bubuhayin ng tag-ulan sa tuwi-tuwina
Ang tulad mo’y mananatiling alaala
Isang masaya’t makulay na pagsasama

Tulad ng simoy ng hangin tuwing gabi
Gabi’y kasing lamig ‘pag wala na sa tabi
Ngunit ito’y huwag ikabahala
‘pagkat pareho tayong nasa iisang tala

Tulad ng papel na niluma ng panahon
May halaga bawat paglipas ng taon
Munting dasal ang aking pabaon
At biyaya sa bawat pagkakataon

Buhay ay sadyang ganyan
May mga panahong kailangang lumisan
Ngunit huwag mabahala kaibigan
Mananatili ka sa aking puso kailanman

At sa iyong paglisan
Huwag sanang kalimutan kaibigan
Masasayang araw natin na nagdaan
At hirap na ating naranasan
Na nagpatibay sa samahan
Umula’t umaraw man.

Para sa lahat ng kaibigan at naging kaibigan ko. Maraming Salamat sa munting alaala.