Sober Illusions

The moon shines up high
my smile is as bright as the night sky
it flatters
and shatters

my dreams flew as a lone bird in the windless sky
like a phantom
it glides in no definite direction

I sit in the dark
sipping a cold whiskey
warming my frozen heart
torn in two

I hear myself speak
with no meaning
senses overwhelmed by the spirit of wine
yet the spoken words are sublime
broken but with rhyme

like a lone star waiting to touch the moon
I long to touch you
yet the dark clouds hide your face
and I’m afraid I won’t fathom the depths of it

I lay down
‘til the spirit of wine draws me to sleep
and the illusions are gone
my spirit is free
and everything is in reality
in my dreams.


Thank You

Thank you
For making my nights as bright as day
For showing me my emotions
Are worth counting on thus I may

Thank you
For putting a smile on my face
For showing that life is worth living
And that I should enjoy the race

Thank you
For your simple gestures of kindness
For your time that makes a difference
That fixes the shards of my brokenness

Thank you
For appreciating my musings and poetry
For putting reasons to singularity
That life is indeed a beautiful symmetry

Thank you
For painting my life in colorful palettes
For choosing such a wonderful canvass
That I might have missed if it weren’t in your eyes

Thank you
For meeting me at the crossroads
For sharing and widening our trail
That helped us keep our bode

To you
Who gives me the most beautiful smile each day
Who makes my life sparkle with your stare
Who chooses to flow in the opposite way
Who puts love between you and I
Thank you

You are a gift so precious to own
You are a gift I’m afraid not to own.

Sa Iyong Paglisan

Tulad ng dampi ng hangin sa tag-init
Tulad ng mga ibong umaawit
Ang pagdating mo’y kasing bilis
Ng paglisan mo sa aking libis

Tulad ng mga dahon at bulalak na nalalanta
Bubuhayin ng tag-ulan sa tuwi-tuwina
Ang tulad mo’y mananatiling alaala
Isang masaya’t makulay na pagsasama

Tulad ng simoy ng hangin tuwing gabi
Gabi’y kasing lamig ‘pag wala na sa tabi
Ngunit ito’y huwag ikabahala
‘pagkat pareho tayong nasa iisang tala

Tulad ng papel na niluma ng panahon
May halaga bawat paglipas ng taon
Munting dasal ang aking pabaon
At biyaya sa bawat pagkakataon

Buhay ay sadyang ganyan
May mga panahong kailangang lumisan
Ngunit huwag mabahala kaibigan
Mananatili ka sa aking puso kailanman

At sa iyong paglisan
Huwag sanang kalimutan kaibigan
Masasayang araw natin na nagdaan
At hirap na ating naranasan
Na nagpatibay sa samahan
Umula’t umaraw man.

Para sa lahat ng kaibigan at naging kaibigan ko. Maraming Salamat sa munting alaala.

Song Of Jonah

help me dry these tears away
by simply telling me you’ll stay
afraid to lose now that I hold
this treasured soul none can be sold

when he comes will you choose to go
leave this moment we both know
when he promises to dry your tears
will my caress not make it clear

if your heart have made up so
please close the door before you go
and gently kiss the night away
to let me know I had you some way

but if you choose to stay with me
will my heart rejoice and sing?
oh, how lovely that day would be
when all the chimes and bells would ring

but dear heart the choice is yours
let not my lamentations alter
for what is it to me if I have you
when you choose to love the other true

just let this song pass away
though you’re in my heart each night and day
this help ease my pain somehow
so I could write not a poem of sorrow.

By The Light Of The Moon

by the light of the moon I waited thee
to tell you “please do remember me”
then I’d kiss your nape and hug you tight
as we held hands and depart by night

by the strawberry fields we run so freely
I run after you as you scream in glee
like the world is ours and everything therein
and having you is greater than anything

by the grains of sands we’d count our joys
including the stones that becomes our buoy
like an hour-glass that keeps on turning
that would be our life ‘til we see no ending

by the love of yours I’ve seen the world
like no other place that I should take hold
more than strawberry fields and the beautiful moon
it is even majestic than the sun at noon.

By the light of the moon I wish you’re beside me
but you’re a distant star I can only see.

To You Who Dared

I have live the days of a life alone
searching, wandering, finding myself
leaving the tracks of the past
bridging the now and what has been

I drift in my sail boat
in the vastness of the universe
that offers promises that were never kept
and fleeting pleasures I couldn’t grip

but you captured my attention
like a star the shines in the bright blue sky
constantly twinkling, unchanging
and graced by the crescent moon

among these stars that twinkle and dazzle
your glow overcome shadows and mists
that made you unique, so extraordinary
a treasure I would forever keep

every night I would stare at you
not minding others who tries to grab my attention
wishing we’re on the same sky
where all night together we’d shine

though the distance between us is unfathomable
my loving gaze and prayers reaches you
and in return you’d shower me with your dust
and watch me while I sleep ‘til comes dawn

I’m glad I drift in this vast universe
for there I found my place to anchor
and that some promises are meant to be kept
and the space is the medium to which we speak.

To you who dared to conquer the gap
and traverse that silver lining between us
I will forever be yours
till the silkworm of our dreams have woven
the path that leads me to you.

The Melancholic Box

I dream a vision
I live each dime
Walked the shame
Been cold as ice
Reached the zenith
Dived the blue ocean
Swing to the rivers
Walked in the sand
Built a sinew
Drank a brew
Laughed the loudest
Cried like beast
Been as far to the east
Never thought I would miss
I’ve burned my brows
Broke my toes
Licked some honey
Stung by bees
Danced in the rain
Laughed in my pain
Slipped a step
Got up wet
Fastened the buckle
Let lose a chuckle
Sealed the gap
Liven the pack
All these and more
In the melancholic box.