About Mike

Art is all around us the sound of a busy street creates a music - definite and unique the mixture of brilliant colors the captures the artist canvass - of a midday sky lines straight and skew that defines the horizon and the zenith the rushing winds that sounds the chimes - the harmony of time and space. it's all around us we just have to feel it... sense it... see it. it's a wonder of the Maker's canvass. Secondary school teacher, teaching Geometry and Economics. Appreciates art and beauty in its various forms - music, theater, poetry, literature, film, architecture, landscape, etc.


the touch, the kiss

the sweet caress

the crisp laughter, and

beautiful a mess

a dance of mirage

on a carpet of green.


To the Moon, I Wished

I looked at the moon
And wisphered a prayer
With tears in my eyes
I waited for his answer

His serene perfection
Ever so constant
Made me wonder
Did he even listened?

Dark clouds covered
And soon disappeared
With him a twinkling
Sparkling dust, revealed

In a suddden moment
My heart leap with joy
As if I heard his answer
From these lights symphony

Overjoyed, my heart swell
And burst into tears
His lights reflected
With every drop that fell

My heart in pain
Has come to a healing
My troubled mind
Has found its rest

Then a biting cold
Suddenly pinched me
And am awakened
With the moonshadow beside me.