Summer and Music

I was browsing a site for house and electronic music when I came across this “Like I Love You” song by R.I.O. I fell in love with the song that I played it a hundred times listening to the beat and wonderful words… Then I said to myself, “I need to have a copy of his album!

R.I.O. Shine On album is one of the great pics for summer. You can walk on the beach, get tanned and dance to the beat of R.I.O. I would definitely recommend this… 🙂

Here is an official music video of R.I.O. Shine On from Youtube by KONTORTV.
Go on.. have a taste of summer!


Serenity..or I thought so.

My tears splashes like a rain drop
splattered over a clean sheet
warm and salty over my lips it slides
a mixture of feelings that is never clear

a rainbow of colors but none is good
to me it’s an illusion, an irony of mood
a mixed thoughts of flooding desires
only I could not understand

the inviting comfort of the cold blowing wind
leaves my solitary room as swiftly as it came
like no one is behind that wooden door
but a brazen statue or a wooden frame

the solitude is inviting amidst the humane noise
and the crowd is dreadful it suffocates me
slowly I breathe in the rhythm of the leaves
blown by easterly winds as the sun sets at sea


I lie on feathers as sharp as nails
no longer I hear the tip tapping of rain
my breathing is calm, my tears are dry
and I have fallen asleep in the bright midnight sky.