Hey Sister

Too much nonsense and I say adieu
to every night when I go blue
what to you is a moment gone
and there is nothing left to be done

hey sister what shall ye say?
Can you fill me up? I’m empty these days
just help me up and make me fine
from the poison of my lover’s wine

I beg not look into my eyes
or you’ll see dark rivers and body of lies
intoxicate me in thy euphoria
and blind me from my love’s aurora

hey sister, what do you say?
Can you fill the emptiness of me these days?
Just let me know, I’m ready to go
‘coz I’m stuck here and ready to blow

I dare you not trust my true intentions
just play with me so I won’t hurt your emotion
let’s enjoy the ride into oblivion
what happens to-morrow is mine’s obstruction

so sister what can you say?
Are we ready to go, are we ready to play?
All these is a game, I hope you’ll stay
let’s not talk about forever but live for today

forgive me from these gibberish talk
for lately I can’t seem to walk
now I live in mire and I feel so filthy
my lover’s gone, I’m feeling guilty

a fool I am, I made to myself
forgive me sister I can no longer hide from my shelf
this love has taught me much of how
now I can no longer love somehow.


The Power of Goodbye

There’s no more time to lose
There’s no more heart to bruise
Learn to say goodbye and learn to say no
There is freedom when you’ve learned to let go

I was a fortress you have to burn
You are my lesson I have to learn
There’s no more place for me now I must go
But one thing is true that is I love you so

You are an angel that God gave
Now in your presence I must deprave
For my heart is weak even if I said goodbye
And seeing you from afar is more than a lullaby

There are no more tears to cry
There are no more words to lie
I can feel the emotions are forever gone
What happened between us is now done

Learn to say goodbye
It will hurt but I must try
I can see no reason for me to stay
Lest you stop me and don’t delay

Take me higher into the sky
There’s no greater power than to say goodbye
I tell you it will hurt but I must try
Lest you teach me and give me reasons why.