It lingers.

Words spilled
Smoked the ground
It lingers
It lingered.

Choices made
Emotions abound
Surrounding the place
In a chaotic cloud.

I tried
I missed
I tried
And bleed
I fled.

It lingers
It lingered.
I plead.

I resisted so much
I bleed
I fled.

It lingers
It lingered.
I plead.

In the end
I concede.


Sober Illusions

The moon shines up high
my smile is as bright as the night sky
it flatters
and shatters

my dreams flew as a lone bird in the windless sky
like a phantom
it glides in no definite direction

I sit in the dark
sipping a cold whiskey
warming my frozen heart
torn in two

I hear myself speak
with no meaning
senses overwhelmed by the spirit of wine
yet the spoken words are sublime
broken but with rhyme

like a lone star waiting to touch the moon
I long to touch you
yet the dark clouds hide your face
and I’m afraid I won’t fathom the depths of it

I lay down
‘til the spirit of wine draws me to sleep
and the illusions are gone
my spirit is free
and everything is in reality
in my dreams.

Sa Iyong Paglisan

Tulad ng dampi ng hangin sa tag-init
Tulad ng mga ibong umaawit
Ang pagdating mo’y kasing bilis
Ng paglisan mo sa aking libis

Tulad ng mga dahon at bulalak na nalalanta
Bubuhayin ng tag-ulan sa tuwi-tuwina
Ang tulad mo’y mananatiling alaala
Isang masaya’t makulay na pagsasama

Tulad ng simoy ng hangin tuwing gabi
Gabi’y kasing lamig ‘pag wala na sa tabi
Ngunit ito’y huwag ikabahala
‘pagkat pareho tayong nasa iisang tala

Tulad ng papel na niluma ng panahon
May halaga bawat paglipas ng taon
Munting dasal ang aking pabaon
At biyaya sa bawat pagkakataon

Buhay ay sadyang ganyan
May mga panahong kailangang lumisan
Ngunit huwag mabahala kaibigan
Mananatili ka sa aking puso kailanman

At sa iyong paglisan
Huwag sanang kalimutan kaibigan
Masasayang araw natin na nagdaan
At hirap na ating naranasan
Na nagpatibay sa samahan
Umula’t umaraw man.

Para sa lahat ng kaibigan at naging kaibigan ko. Maraming Salamat sa munting alaala.

Song Of Jonah

help me dry these tears away
by simply telling me you’ll stay
afraid to lose now that I hold
this treasured soul none can be sold

when he comes will you choose to go
leave this moment we both know
when he promises to dry your tears
will my caress not make it clear

if your heart have made up so
please close the door before you go
and gently kiss the night away
to let me know I had you some way

but if you choose to stay with me
will my heart rejoice and sing?
oh, how lovely that day would be
when all the chimes and bells would ring

but dear heart the choice is yours
let not my lamentations alter
for what is it to me if I have you
when you choose to love the other true

just let this song pass away
though you’re in my heart each night and day
this help ease my pain somehow
so I could write not a poem of sorrow.

Discouragement of the Creative Mind

Creative people appreciate the aesthetic much than the ordinary. We see things beyond what normal people can. This extraordinary perception of things fuels our desire and passion for beauty and harmony as we try to make the world a beautiful place to live in. Thus, the poets, painters, sculptors, artists, writers and the like.

But the world is mundane. They don’t appreciate our idiosyncrasies which often times kill the fire in us. I have written poetry pieces as an expression of my love and adoration that did not appeal to the receiver (either my poetry is a crap or they did not see and appreciated the passion and emotion embedded). We have friends and loves ones that most if not all doesn’t really appreciate what we are doing much so are the people around us. This maybe because they don’t have an eye for beauty or they don’t have time to stop for a while and appreciate the world. Instead, they settle for the fast-paced life where survival is a priority and anything beyond that becomes an impediment to success.

As we are peculiar among the flock, which may cover the lower 25% of the population, banality consumes us. Consequently, we either form our tiny circle of friends who sees things the way we do or we retreat in our little world were everything is but for prosaic. As for me, I choose the latter. This is our own way of survival or else we suffer depression.

As the for the rest, you have an option to be part of the commonplace or to join the pack of the exotic.

KUDOS to Cecilia Gay of Poetrydances for challenging my creative mind. I salute you madame!


dark and deep
he lays asleep
dormant and weak
I haven’t noticed him speak.

a fiery river of emotion
growing in motion of time.

he burned my heart
in the furnace of crime
sending essence of
that clouds my mind.


I cry
a battle cry song
that burned us
Both of us.
leaving smokes
of regrets
of pain.

I fall.

I lose.


The Curious Case of Lady Josephine

Journal Entry # 45
January 23, 2010
11:45 PM

Staring blankly at the ceiling, I was brought to some place familiar. We were seated face to face enjoying the cheeseburger meal we ordered. It was one of those nights when I feel good just to have you around. You love talking while I enjoyed listening. It’s like you’re a piece of entertainment I couldn’t miss even though I’ve seen it many times.

“What???, How many times did I tell you not to look at me like that?” you would asked me when I fixed my sight on you.”Am I ugly? Something wrong?” you would continue. I just said nothing. I’m afraid my vocabulary is not wide enough to describe the beauty in front of me – not to mention your grammar-sensitive ears.

I don’t know who you are – figuratively speaking. It’s like you are enclosed in a halo or a Venus energy that every man is drawn to you. And like Venus, you trash them away – most of them – never even bothered to put to recyclable cans. The way you talk, move, sway, gesture – everything is in sequence and in tune with each other that over all it’s like an orchestra of music pleasing to the eyes and ears. Yet, you are like a baby, constantly in need of care, attention and love.

When you’re mad, you scare the hell out of everyone else. Like it would be the last day of whoever touches you. And I am afraid to feel Venus’ wrath because I am afraid to lose you. You enslave me like you enslaved every man. I’ve seen your Medusa yet I keep coming back for Venus overshadows the dark side. You have left me once and I’m afraid it would happen again. I know how it feels, its draw back on me. Your like a demigod feeding me with ambrosia I couldn’t have with any one else.

Am I spell bounded? No matter how I try to write the ugly you it turns out to be a beauty. Maybe. Walking with you in the dark of the night I do not fear. I would laugh at how I would hide from people just to have you alone. My thirst is quenched just to hear you speak and know that you are okay. Your daily rants and musings amuses me. You’re like a piece of puzzle I would love to solve everyday. Nothing but more of you and less of me.

I fear the coming days. When you will be gone, forever. Like fairies and fairyland dies when every child give up believing. I fear that I might not be able to solve puzzles again. I fear I won’t hear the elating sound of the orchestra anymore. I fear that I would never taste ambrosia again, bitter as it may seem. I fear that I would not be able to solve the mystery of you – forever. I fear. I fear.

– Mike