Eternal Sunshine

Where are you
You who warms my heart
And melt the winter chill that has put a weight

You who comforts me in the dead of night
The pillow I hug when I fear
So tight

I dream of you in every night
Wishing, hoping that my day will be bright
Because of you
My eternal sunshine

Don’t make me miss you
That I would forget who you are
That last passionate kiss
Is what I’m holding so far

Those eyes that makes high
Those lips that are too good to kiss
Your face of art a gift
My love, my eternal sunshine

I long for you
In this cold and freezing winter
You alone
My eternal sunshine

When will my longing be met
Satiated by your warm presence
When will my heart be comforted
Feel your love with its every beat

I long for you
I long for you
My love
My eternal sunshine.


In the bleak morning of Winter

The autumn leaves are slowly falling
And the chilly air is getting colder
Soon the snow will cover the mountain ranges
And my breath will blur the crystal window

Then I’ll find the silence empty
And the heat is not warm enough
To cover this small room built for you
In this early winter evening

While friends gather in the hearth of fire
I watch the smoke of the nearby chimney fly
Through these years I wish we are together
If only time will allow us by

In the morning of freezing winter
Your pillow is my only comfort
The sun has spread his joys to welcome strangers
Behind my window sheets

Then the morning after
There will be no new story told
No more milk for dear coffee
But black and bitter as of old

In the bleak morning of winter
Friends gather by the forge
To play games of young and old, I wish
That we’re together, if only time can lie.

The Day After the Tempest

The color is dark and blue the day after the tempest
When I stand alone in the windowsill watching the lark at play
In the lake where they make ripples that sends me back through time
The day before the tempest when you are still mine

The lake in full colors made vibrant by your smile
The lark used to sing a song, a tune made for us
And the flowers in the field would sway to the gentle cool wind
But now it’s a memory I can hold only in my mind

Reality flashed back with every cold water drops
The sky had shed her tears as if to share in my solemn act
With every tap on my skin send shiver to my soul
So I closed the window and said goodbye to our song

My eyes are dry of tears as if rain took it on my behalf
The noise I hear inside me now drowned by rain’s taps
Today it’s finally over, this tempest’s aftermath
Today I’ll sing our last song now that you’re no longer my other half.


As the wind blew and the rain poured down
You bid farewell in the early morn
Leaving your memory so precious to us
Gentle as it goes like your kisses and hugs

You stand strong at the days of tempest
And time is a friend, he gave you minutes
To finish the task left undone
And in time with the Lord be in one

Farewell my dear, ‘tis farewell indeed
My cousin, my sister, my family and friend
The day has come to meet our Creator
Our eternal Peace and loving Master

We are left with memories, ours to kept
We’ll shed happy tears but we’ll never weep
Farewell my dear, farewell indeed
We are blessed to have you, and in love bid.

To my beloved cousin Geralyn Dingcong-Tarra (March 8, 1970 – June 19, 2011), we bid you goodbye with a loving memory and we rejoice for in the Lord you have found our eternal peace.

Find You

I saw you pass by
and I can’t help but smile
you melt the ice cream in my hand
and everything is hot as sand

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in your eyes
that burst the bubble in the air
and melts my heart everywhere

I see the way you walk up stairs
every calculated steps and stares
you make my world turn around
and I just don’t care

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in your smile
that makes me wonder why oh, why
you’re my angel and with that I’m fine

and so I hop and dance
and sing a tune
I sway and glide
like I’m on a tide
dance in the rhythm
at the beat of the drum
walk in the sand
like an Egyptian

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in the way you are
a heaven-sent from up above
for me to find you and to love.

Under the Autumn Sun

Under the Autumn Sun

a butterfly flutters in the midday green
searching for flowers nowhere to be seen
sailing in the breeze of an autumn wind
that chills the morning dew beneath its wings

above a lone bird chirps on a tree
waiting for something it can never see
singing a song as sweet as it can be
as the leaves slowly falls from an autumn tree

cold wave splashes on a wooden wharf
on its edge a man sits as though it’s his turf
he stares at a canoe dancing with the ebb
whistle’s a song that gives grace to the act

from afar a cry resounds in the place
a chill of longing, an echo of haste
from the stillness of every thing and silence of today
to the uncertainty of morrow a beautiful chaos is made

as dusk splatter on the canvass of the day
synthetic lights glisten at the quay
following the street lamps he walks on cobblestones
another day is done and he walks home alone.