Find You

I saw you pass by
and I can’t help but smile
you melt the ice cream in my hand
and everything is hot as sand

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in your eyes
that burst the bubble in the air
and melts my heart everywhere

I see the way you walk up stairs
every calculated steps and stares
you make my world turn around
and I just don’t care

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in your smile
that makes me wonder why oh, why
you’re my angel and with that I’m fine

and so I hop and dance
and sing a tune
I sway and glide
like I’m on a tide
dance in the rhythm
at the beat of the drum
walk in the sand
like an Egyptian

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in the way you are
a heaven-sent from up above
for me to find you and to love.


Under the Autumn Sun

Under the Autumn Sun

a butterfly flutters in the midday green
searching for flowers nowhere to be seen
sailing in the breeze of an autumn wind
that chills the morning dew beneath its wings

above a lone bird chirps on a tree
waiting for something it can never see
singing a song as sweet as it can be
as the leaves slowly falls from an autumn tree

cold wave splashes on a wooden wharf
on its edge a man sits as though it’s his turf
he stares at a canoe dancing with the ebb
whistle’s a song that gives grace to the act

from afar a cry resounds in the place
a chill of longing, an echo of haste
from the stillness of every thing and silence of today
to the uncertainty of morrow a beautiful chaos is made

as dusk splatter on the canvass of the day
synthetic lights glisten at the quay
following the street lamps he walks on cobblestones
another day is done and he walks home alone.

Norway’s Fairytale

I was watching the entries of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 on Youtube when I came across a song called Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, an entry from Norway that won in 2009.

Somehow his songs gave a different style in music and the words are really good. Now I’m becoming a fan of him. I have to look around for his albums (that is if it’s available here in the Philippines).

Here is what will make every European proud of their race. “Europe Skies” from his latest album “No Boundaries”. Enjoy!

You can check his Youtube Channel

Or, visit Alexander Rybak’s website. ^_^

AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines

Dear Friend of AFS,

AFS Intercultural Programs is the oldest and largest volunteer-driven organization for high school intercultural exchanges worldwide. “AFS provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding [and lifetime bonds] needed to create a more just and peaceful world.”
Each year, 13,000 participants go on an AFS exchange program supported by 44,00 number of volunteers, staff, families and schools in the AFS Global Network. Since 1956, AFS Philippines has sent over 1,500 Filipino students abroad and in turn over 750 foreign students have come to the Philippines – to live with a host family and study in a host school for a year on AFS exchange programs.

AFS is searching for qualified candidates – students & teachers – to travel, live and study abroad on the AFS intercultural exchange programs and learning opportunities (see programs list). AFS Philippines National Staff will be visiting key cities nearest you to conduct interviews and selection with local chapter volunteers of interested applicants (see qualifications list and schedule).

We hope to have your support to allow our AFS volunteers share about these once-in-a-lifetime life-changing opportunities for your school’s students and teachers. (The DepED MC to follow.)
For more details and application forms, kindly get in touch with AFS Philippines at 02-5842002 or email ATTN: Sending Program; or get in touch with the local chapter contact person (see chapter directory). With our mutual collaboration, we are both taking concrete steps ‘Connecting Lives, Sharing Cultures!’

Very truly yours,

Acting National Director


AFS Programs:
Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (K-L YES) to the USA
(previously Partners for Learning Youth Exchange & Study Program)
-One year full scholarship for 27-40 students per year
-Eligibility: Open to 2nd or 3rd year high school students that meet J-1 visa regulations; especially Muslim students and students with physical disabilities (blind/sight-impaired, deaf/hearing-impaired, crutches/wheelchair-user)

Year Program (YP) to 55 AFS Partner Countries in AFS Global Network
-1 year participating program for 30-50 participants per year
-Eligibility: Open to high school students 14 & up on time of application (also open to 18+ Community Service or University students)

Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths Program (JENESYS) to JAPAN
-Two weeks short program full scholarship for 61 participants (56 students & 5 educator/ chaperones) for 2011 (last year of implementation)
-Eligibility: Open to high school students ages 15 & up, as well as high school teachers

Other AFS intercultural exchange opportunities:
Evonik (STEAG State Power, Inc.) Year Program for 1 high school student
Leighton Year Program for 1 high school student
Guerra Peace Scholarship Grant Year Program to USA for 1 high school student
AFS PHI Mabuhay Scholarship Grant Year Program for 2 high school students
AFS International Diversity Scholarship Grant
AFS Asia Pacific Initiative (AAI) Scholarship Grant

Basic qualifications and requirements for AFS program applicants:
– Must present the original & photocopy of Form 137 or transcript of records for school year 2010-11
– Must present latest original & photocopy school ID
– Must be meet eligibility and age requirements of AFS program applied for
– Must bring pre-application form with passport ID (please request forms from AFS Philippines or printed submitted application from
– Must be open to new experiences and opportunities for learning to be an Ambassador of Goodwill
– Must be willing to travel, study & live abroad for the duration of the AFS program applied for
– Must be interviewed by trained AFS volunteer raters on screening & selection panels on scheduled dates and attend the whole day event from 8AM-6PM (see below for interview schedule)
– Must comply with and complete all pre-program, on-program, post-program documentation and responsibilities of the AFS program applied for
– Preferably, have a valid passport
– Must pay the one-time non-refundable Pre-application/Interview fee of P500.00 (except K-L YES)

AFS PHI Nationwide Selection Camp Dates and Venues:
April12 Naga City
April14 General Santos City
April14 Legaspi City
April18 Cagayan De Oro City
April19 Marawi City
April27 Davao City
May4 Taguig City, Metro Manila
May5 Cavite City
May6 NCR, Pasig City, AFS Office
May9 Cebu City
May11 Bacolod City
May11 Tacloban City
May12 Iloilo City
May12 Zamboanga City
May19 Subic Bay, Olongapo City
May22 Cotabato City
June10 Baguio City (To be announced)
June16 Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
June 23 Cotabato City/Zamboanga City/Jolo
Tuguegarao City (To be announced)
Santiago City, Isabela (To be announced)
Batangas City (To be announced)

This will be a whole day event from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Interested applicants must be dedicate the whole day for selection process, because several activities (orientations, panel interview, group activity/discussions/ presentation) will be covered at different times during the day. Lunch or snacks are not covered by the fee.

For more detailed information about the AFS Nationwide Selection Camps, interested applicants may contact AFS Philippines 02-5842002 and/or email ATTN: SENDING PROGRAM or VOLUNTEER & CHAPTER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM; or contact the nearest AFS local chapter contact person/s below:

If your city is listed the Selection Camp schedule but does not have a local contact person please contact AFS Philippines.


Summer for most of us means vacation; a hike to the heavenly heights of Sagada and be one with nature and God, a splash of crystal blue waters of an island beach, a reunion with the whole clan, or simply stay-cation.

Probably exhausted with the demands of work, my colleagues (we’re now friends) decided to go out-of-town and enjoy a cool down at the beach to unwind. And we decided, we should go to Siquijor.

Known as an enchanted place and home of the witches, we ventured the place. It’s a 6-hour bus ride from Bacolod City to Dumaguete City and an hour ferry ride from Dumaguete City to the Island of Siquijor. We are indeed enchanted at the site of the island when we reached the port of Siquijor. The white sand, blue waters and green mountain-scape is a welcoming sight for us visitors amidst the laid back community. People are not as welcoming as with other places in the Philippines though. This maybe due to the fact that most of them don’t understand Hiligaynon nor Tagalog (they speak Bisaya or Cebuano). English would probably the best way to communicate. Nonetheless, the place is worth the adventure with cheap food and stay.