I felt the passion triggered inside of me
Like a spark of fire
Signaling to be ablaze, soon

Once ablaze
It consumes me
Overpowering my inmost being
Giving in to the
And thirst.

Like a caffeine to my coffee
And Mary Jane I never tried
So addicting, I can’t resist

Like a pill that aims to cure
But only I have to endure
The coldness of the aftermath
And the emptiness
Inside me


When will this end?
This fleeting, addicting, consuming friend?
A burden so heavy
And it’s too much for me
to carry.


Madame Pompous

You present yourself with a fake smile
And soil your teeth with those red lipsticks
Your ears heavy with chandeliers
Racing themselves to the ground

Voluminous hair that looks like a shroud
I wonder how heavy you carry them around
Deep colors surround your face
Made you look like Cleopatra in disgrace

Just that thought of you makes me laugh
Much more by your bangles that sounds
Like chimes by the window or cymbals clashing
Only gone wild, un-rhythmic smashing

Now, look at your dress, your most excellent I guess
You wear them well like you’re floating on air
In a parade of black in a rainy afternoon
Down the cemetery like a banshee on the lose

I pity the ground where your stilettos land
How painful is it, the pressure they stand
From those heavy logs and pointed heel of your shoes
I’d rather have a syringe than your piercing hooves

Madame de Pompadour or whatever you are called
Have it ever occurred in your mind it’s not delightful at all
I could not pretend like it is nothing to me
When everyone else is in a laughing spree.

The Day After the Tempest

The color is dark and blue the day after the tempest
When I stand alone in the windowsill watching the lark at play
In the lake where they make ripples that sends me back through time
The day before the tempest when you are still mine

The lake in full colors made vibrant by your smile
The lark used to sing a song, a tune made for us
And the flowers in the field would sway to the gentle cool wind
But now it’s a memory I can hold only in my mind

Reality flashed back with every cold water drops
The sky had shed her tears as if to share in my solemn act
With every tap on my skin send shiver to my soul
So I closed the window and said goodbye to our song

My eyes are dry of tears as if rain took it on my behalf
The noise I hear inside me now drowned by rain’s taps
Today it’s finally over, this tempest’s aftermath
Today I’ll sing our last song now that you’re no longer my other half.

When Things are but Just Words

When things are but just words
Let rain wash and drown your heart
That it may find comfort in its coldness
And time and space is but your solace
A friend to keep you on your ground.

When words are but an echo gone in the wind
Dry as the desert sands carried to nowhere
Fill your emptiness with words that rhyme
And build your oasis in the desert sands
A hope in solitude in the barren land

Find serenity under the midnight full moon
Or find beauty among the fireflies
They grace the night with their humble light
Like little fairies amidst the darkness
Just when your bode is filled with sadness

When your heart is but like a shattered glass
And fixing a mess is a tiresome act
Remember the fireflies, the oasis and the rain
And the full moon of comfort and solace they bring

When things are but just words, let them jump out of the pages
To wrap me so I may know.