Discouragement of the Creative Mind

Creative people appreciate the aesthetic much than the ordinary. We see things beyond what normal people can. This extraordinary perception of things fuels our desire and passion for beauty and harmony as we try to make the world a beautiful place to live in. Thus, the poets, painters, sculptors, artists, writers and the like.

But the world is mundane. They don’t appreciate our idiosyncrasies which often times kill the fire in us. I have written poetry pieces as an expression of my love and adoration that did not appeal to the receiver (either my poetry is a crap or they did not see and appreciated the passion and emotion embedded). We have friends and loves ones that most if not all doesn’t really appreciate what we are doing much so are the people around us. This maybe because they don’t have an eye for beauty or they don’t have time to stop for a while and appreciate the world. Instead, they settle for the fast-paced life where survival is a priority and anything beyond that becomes an impediment to success.

As we are peculiar among the flock, which may cover the lower 25% of the population, banality consumes us. Consequently, we either form our tiny circle of friends who sees things the way we do or we retreat in our little world were everything is but for prosaic. As for me, I choose the latter. This is our own way of survival or else we suffer depression.

As the for the rest, you have an option to be part of the commonplace or to join the pack of the exotic.

KUDOS to Cecilia Gay of Poetrydances for challenging my creative mind. I salute you madame!