Madame Pompous

You present yourself with a fake smile
And soil your teeth with those red lipsticks
Your ears heavy with chandeliers
Racing themselves to the ground

Voluminous hair that looks like a shroud
I wonder how heavy you carry them around
Deep colors surround your face
Made you look like Cleopatra in disgrace

Just that thought of you makes me laugh
Much more by your bangles that sounds
Like chimes by the window or cymbals clashing
Only gone wild, un-rhythmic smashing

Now, look at your dress, your most excellent I guess
You wear them well like you’re floating on air
In a parade of black in a rainy afternoon
Down the cemetery like a banshee on the lose

I pity the ground where your stilettos land
How painful is it, the pressure they stand
From those heavy logs and pointed heel of your shoes
I’d rather have a syringe than your piercing hooves

Madame de Pompadour or whatever you are called
Have it ever occurred in your mind it’s not delightful at all
I could not pretend like it is nothing to me
When everyone else is in a laughing spree.


It lingers.

Words spilled
Smoked the ground
It lingers
It lingered.

Choices made
Emotions abound
Surrounding the place
In a chaotic cloud.

I tried
I missed
I tried
And bleed
I fled.

It lingers
It lingered.
I plead.

I resisted so much
I bleed
I fled.

It lingers
It lingered.
I plead.

In the end
I concede.

Find You

I saw you pass by
and I can’t help but smile
you melt the ice cream in my hand
and everything is hot as sand

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in your eyes
that burst the bubble in the air
and melts my heart everywhere

I see the way you walk up stairs
every calculated steps and stares
you make my world turn around
and I just don’t care

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in your smile
that makes me wonder why oh, why
you’re my angel and with that I’m fine

and so I hop and dance
and sing a tune
I sway and glide
like I’m on a tide
dance in the rhythm
at the beat of the drum
walk in the sand
like an Egyptian

oh, I don’t know for sure
but there is something in the way you are
a heaven-sent from up above
for me to find you and to love.

Hey Sister

Too much nonsense and I say adieu
to every night when I go blue
what to you is a moment gone
and there is nothing left to be done

hey sister what shall ye say?
Can you fill me up? I’m empty these days
just help me up and make me fine
from the poison of my lover’s wine

I beg not look into my eyes
or you’ll see dark rivers and body of lies
intoxicate me in thy euphoria
and blind me from my love’s aurora

hey sister, what do you say?
Can you fill the emptiness of me these days?
Just let me know, I’m ready to go
‘coz I’m stuck here and ready to blow

I dare you not trust my true intentions
just play with me so I won’t hurt your emotion
let’s enjoy the ride into oblivion
what happens to-morrow is mine’s obstruction

so sister what can you say?
Are we ready to go, are we ready to play?
All these is a game, I hope you’ll stay
let’s not talk about forever but live for today

forgive me from these gibberish talk
for lately I can’t seem to walk
now I live in mire and I feel so filthy
my lover’s gone, I’m feeling guilty

a fool I am, I made to myself
forgive me sister I can no longer hide from my shelf
this love has taught me much of how
now I can no longer love somehow.

Beautiful Broken

No fallen leaves of ember
to light my afternoon
dark clouds cover the midnight sky
and hides Mr. Moon
yet in this stillness and silence
I find beauty and perfection
the motionless things
and the wonderful creation.

In the blackness of the night
I glide from place to place
seeing, feeling, thinking
not putting time to waste
and there I found the answer
in the face of Mr. Moon
as the clouds that cover hovers
and reveals his mystic boon.

I saw a wonderful portrait
that of Dorian Gray
an irresistible attraction
though I try not as I may
it offers a moment of pleasure
and thousand years in chains
but in the end I’ve realized
it’s not even worth the pain

now I hold a treasure
though broken it has been
I would love to fit the pieces
so its beauty can be seen
tiresome as it may be
but joy is greater still
for there is no greater beauty
than fixing a broken wings.

Though I see no fallen ember leaves
to light my afternoon
and glide in the dark of night
to see Mr. Moon
I hold the fairest treasure
which others have not seen
in the stillness and in silence
to which I have been.

*much is seen by the light of the moon that wherever it hits his moonbeam you’ll see the furrow.

Sober Illusions

The moon shines up high
my smile is as bright as the night sky
it flatters
and shatters

my dreams flew as a lone bird in the windless sky
like a phantom
it glides in no definite direction

I sit in the dark
sipping a cold whiskey
warming my frozen heart
torn in two

I hear myself speak
with no meaning
senses overwhelmed by the spirit of wine
yet the spoken words are sublime
broken but with rhyme

like a lone star waiting to touch the moon
I long to touch you
yet the dark clouds hide your face
and I’m afraid I won’t fathom the depths of it

I lay down
‘til the spirit of wine draws me to sleep
and the illusions are gone
my spirit is free
and everything is in reality
in my dreams.

By The Light Of The Moon

by the light of the moon I waited thee
to tell you “please do remember me”
then I’d kiss your nape and hug you tight
as we held hands and depart by night

by the strawberry fields we run so freely
I run after you as you scream in glee
like the world is ours and everything therein
and having you is greater than anything

by the grains of sands we’d count our joys
including the stones that becomes our buoy
like an hour-glass that keeps on turning
that would be our life ‘til we see no ending

by the love of yours I’ve seen the world
like no other place that I should take hold
more than strawberry fields and the beautiful moon
it is even majestic than the sun at noon.

By the light of the moon I wish you’re beside me
but you’re a distant star I can only see.