My Hachiko’s

happy days with Mickey

Some memories transcend time. A bond founded beyond flesh and blood cut short by a sudden unavoidable circumstance leaves a painful mark yet creates a wonderful memory. Such relationship brings tears to my eyes as I remember the bittersweet days I once had.

Taking a ferry to Iloilo City to visit the wake of my cousin who died of cancer, the crew played a film to entertain their passengers. I usually am not fond of watching films on board; I instead devoted my time to recovering the sleep I was robbed from waking up early to catch the first trip. The film however further denied me of sleep as I was glued to it. It’s a true story of loyal dog named Hachiko. The film was a 2009 Hollywood remake of the original 1987 Japanese film.

When Hachi’s master died in school where he works, Hachi waited for him for hours unmoved by other passengers and other distractions. This continued until he died in the train station where he always waits for his master. I was holding myself not to burst into tears, as flood of memories of my dear dog flashed back to me. Fortunately, the movie was cut short before my tears fell as we are about to dock.

The passing of my hachiko, Mickey, was a painful one as it is untimely and caused a lot of sacrifices on my part due to major decisions that I have to make. Sacrifices that included her being taken away from me and the depravity of companion lead to her early death. And just a thought of her always makes me cry. Ours was a relationship that transcends time indeed and she will always be remembered. The story of Hachiko is one of the many stories of his race to grace this world. Stories that inspire and gives hope to the many.

I am making a new one, now… with Kiyo.


Discouragement of the Creative Mind

Creative people appreciate the aesthetic much than the ordinary. We see things beyond what normal people can. This extraordinary perception of things fuels our desire and passion for beauty and harmony as we try to make the world a beautiful place to live in. Thus, the poets, painters, sculptors, artists, writers and the like.

But the world is mundane. They don’t appreciate our idiosyncrasies which often times kill the fire in us. I have written poetry pieces as an expression of my love and adoration that did not appeal to the receiver (either my poetry is a crap or they did not see and appreciated the passion and emotion embedded). We have friends and loves ones that most if not all doesn’t really appreciate what we are doing much so are the people around us. This maybe because they don’t have an eye for beauty or they don’t have time to stop for a while and appreciate the world. Instead, they settle for the fast-paced life where survival is a priority and anything beyond that becomes an impediment to success.

As we are peculiar among the flock, which may cover the lower 25% of the population, banality consumes us. Consequently, we either form our tiny circle of friends who sees things the way we do or we retreat in our little world were everything is but for prosaic. As for me, I choose the latter. This is our own way of survival or else we suffer depression.

As the for the rest, you have an option to be part of the commonplace or to join the pack of the exotic.

KUDOS to Cecilia Gay of Poetrydances for challenging my creative mind. I salute you madame!

The Return to Egocentrism: Society’s Downfall

Society crumbles as we try to achieve perfection. That is, no matter how we try to preserve and prolong our society the result is still degeneration. The following are some clear evidences based on observation:

  1. Complex social activities
  2. Loss of social norms and mores
  3. Global Economic recession
  4. Climate change

All this happens because of egocentrism. Man’s selfish desires. defines it as:

1. having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things: an egocentric philosophy that ignores social causes.
2. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one’s own; self-centered: an egocentric person; egocentric demands upon the time and patience of others.

Society’s deterioration is due to our selfish desires. A lot of theories and principles right now are patterned to humanistic views. In education for example, the thrust is that teaching should be “child-centered”. That is to pattern you lessons based on what would be best for the child not what is best for the society and to God. Other examples are: Human rights organizations (the extreme of it), child rights, women’s rights, narcissism, juvenile act and many more.

We will notice that due to these organizations and desires, a parent could not discipline his child anymore; criminals are not punished according to the degree corresponding to the crime, etc.

Two views on this matter:


Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development states that at sensory-motor to pre-operational stage, the child is egocentric, that is, the child thinks the he is the center of the universe and that everything revolves around him. That is why we will notice that a child is happy when he gets everything he wanted, but if he doesn’t get what he wants he would cry out loud and make you feel embarrassed in the crowd.  At concrete operational stage egocentrism disappears, however at formal operational stage which encompasses that stage of young adults to adulthood, egocentrism returns and that explains why we adults tend to think of ourselves first before others. And because of this, the society is in chaos.

The Bible:

God granted us our own free will when He created us. The whole Bible talks about human frailties and disobedience because of this free will. Focusing on the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve fall short of the glory of God because of this free will and disobedience. All because man wanted something for his own – the desire for knowledge and power. Another example is the story of Cain and Abel; because of Cain’s selfish motives, he offered rotten produce and belittled God of his offering. This egocentrism of Cain breed jealousy over his brother which led to Abel’s death in Cain’s arms.

These views clearly show how we humans contribute in the deterioration of our society. Egocentrism will lead to our own destruction, unless we do something about it.


Equality is a fallacy. I read this statement from a friend’s blog recently. His post stated how society progress because there is inequality. And I agree.

Society all over the world had evolved from being barbaric to feudalism to renaissance to the age of reason. This age of reason gave birth to humanistic theories and principles that also gave birth to individualism. The more the society tries to achieve unity and world peace through these principles, the more it complicates the situation. Thus, we have democracy.

Is this an answer to our search for equality? For freedom?

I think not. Here are some reasons why:

1. If God were to have His government, it is not democratic but command.

God is Sovereign and thus He alone decides on everything for the good of His children. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the command system that we humans created. This is way beyond.

2. The presence of Competition.

Competition plays a major role in a free market (democratic). For as long as there is competition, inequality thrives. How is this possible? Each person has to compete with the demands of the society and if you can’t keep up with it, you are left behind – inequality. What’s worse, the competition field becomes the arena of the fittest. The last man standing then becomes the sole owner of everything – monopoly. Isn’t this what is happening in the world economies today?

3. Individualism and Selfishness.

Democracy promotes individualism. Individual rights. Thus, making it harder to make wise decisions. Individualism breeds selfishness. All we think is what others can do for me, what the government can do for me, what God can do for me. Have we thought of what we can do to others? To our country? To God? If this happens then equality might be achieved since we all have the same goal.

4. Rotten society.

We all are imperfect being trying to achieved perfection in all facets. But we never can achieve that. Unless we fully surrender to God’s authority over us. The more we wanted a Utopia, the more we breed worms that destroy the whole apple. We wanted to make everything easier and simpler, now we have more complexities. The more we wanted to preserve society, the faster we destroy it.

This all boils down not with the system of government but with humanistic views and principles that clogs the way to achieving real equality.

Humanism equals Equality. But Equality is a Fallacy, therefore Humanism is a Fallacy.

3 Decades

As I walk back home after the Nabe party held for my birthday, a friend send a text message saying: “Mike, maligayang 3 dekada ng iyong buhay. Tanoshikatta!” [Mike, happy 3 decades of your life. It was fun!]. Walking along the empty street, with only the lamp posts and occasional private cars passing by, it made me realize that I have lived this world for 30 years now. And with it comes the wisdom from pain and hurt as my teacher and the joy of triumph and successes.

As a child, I always wanted to have a birthday celebration. But never did it materialize since we don’t have much in life so I grew up accustomed to not celebrating birthdays. God, in His wit, had ordered so in my life that he gave me friends that made this childhood dream come true, wherever I am. These simple thoughts and actions just prove His loving presence through other people.

I am at the point where I’m too old to be young yet too young to be old, faced with tomorrow full of uncertainties. What I may know is what God has revealed in my heart, yet the road to be taken remains unseen. Only by trusting Him and his perfect plan and will for me will I be able to understand the road I am taking. Looking back, each chapter of my life has shown me, that God has always been there, and He will be as I ink the next pages of my life.

I thank God for the people, experiences and blessings that I am meeting and receiving. For bringing me to where I am today, and with it my testimony of using the talents and skills He gave me for His glory. My family, who always is my priority next to God, for you are my encouragement why I am doing what I am doing. For friends whom I shared laughter and tears with – which made our lives exciting to live. And for the people who have been praying for me. May the Lord of Peace and Bounty bless you more for being a blessing
Yesterdays will always be a testament of what God has done. Each waking day is the day that the Lord has made; therefore we shall rejoice and be glad in it. Tomorrow is the opportunity to trust the Lord for He knew the plans for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us. 3 decades of God’s faithfulness. Another chapter to write… ready for the next joyride.