the touch, the kiss

the sweet caress

the crisp laughter, and

beautiful a mess

a dance of mirage

on a carpet of green.


Underneath It All

Of picture frames and happy face
fixed on the wall
They never seem so lonely then
I can’t believe
Of genuine smile and twinkling eyes
or so, I say
They were all so real, like ther’ve never been
not so sunny days

The color says of happy days
when we were young
There have never been blue and greys
only bright stars
They’re like summer days and autumn skies
and April spring
But have you ever tried to see ‘neath those eyes
what they really mean

And so I say, my dear let’s play
the guessing game
Let’s just pretend you knew me well
you can see everything
Of black and blue and purple hue
of what has been
Or what has been hidden in
the sheets of green

Underneath it all is just pretense
I hope you understand
To see me in beneath those eyes is
a wonderful thing
‘coz most of them see everything
‘cept this truth
Hidden in the shadows of
these dark brown eyes

Of colored hues and black and blue
I am everything
Of autumn hues and summer skies
I’m winter within
Cold and grey my happy days
it is but true
But don’t worry dear, though winter is cold
I am white as snow.



Sa mundong pasakit
Pighati ang kapalit
Naranansan mo na bang
Tumingala sa langit?

Bawat hibla ng buhay
Para saan inaalay?
Sa makamundong nais ba
na buhay ang kapalit?

Anu ang silakbo ng damdaming aba?
Sa tuwi-tuwina ba’y nagaalala ka?
Buhay mo ba’y may kasiguruhan
Sa Amang lumikha ng sanlibutan?

Ligaya ba ay tunay
O pansamantala lamang?
Lulan sa pundasyong
Magugunaw man lang

Mundo’y mapagsamantala
Saan ka nakakapit?
Kaakibat mo ba’y ang Diyos
O silang manlalait?

Anu ang silakbo ng pusong aba?
Payapa ng damdami’y naangkin mo na ba?
Kung wala’y saan makikita
Sa Diyos kailanman ito ay biyaya

Sino? Anu? Ang bumubuhay sa iyo?
Sa silakbo ng damdaming mong dinaana’y naging abo
Sino? Anu? Ang magliligtas sa iyo?
At sa silakbo ng damdamin mo kung hindi si Kristo?

Summer and Music

I was browsing a site for house and electronic music when I came across this “Like I Love You” song by R.I.O. I fell in love with the song that I played it a hundred times listening to the beat and wonderful words… Then I said to myself, “I need to have a copy of his album!

R.I.O. Shine On album is one of the great pics for summer. You can walk on the beach, get tanned and dance to the beat of R.I.O. I would definitely recommend this… 🙂

Here is an official music video of R.I.O. Shine On from Youtube by KONTORTV.
Go on.. have a taste of summer!