Before Death

If it is so that my days are numbered
I promised to live it full
Reaching out to share the love
With a smile I shall do it all

Though I yearn to live longer
To see more of the beauty of Creation
In the years I have lived
I had a glimpse of it all

My days are surely numbered…
I shall live each day warming hearts of others
That would swell mine and burst forth
To others, and find joy in living

To my friends who are dear to me
In pain and joy I thank you all
My family – my life and my inspiration
I leave you with blessings and comfort

To acquaintances whom I shared life with
You made me realize that it is indeed possible
And to my love… The love of my life
In time we’ll journey on the same road once again

Leaving this world I wish to see no other face
But of smile and laughter
Of hope that one day we will be reunited
Once more, in a place eternal.



The Way of the Samurai

Ah! how in moments like this
Our heart doth grudge the light of life;
Had not in hours of peace,
It learned to lightly look on life.

Torn into shreds is the warp of the cloth
Since age has worn its threads by use.

*lesson from Bushido


Frozen Feathers

Oh night surreal
And the heavens cry
Of frozen feathers
Falling from the sky

I look above
With misty eyes
As I walk on the field
Of crystal and ice

The tears of heaven
So light and free
Settle like flowers
On the branch of trees

Some dance with the wind
In graceful circles
Others on the field
Lay soft as cottons

I spread my arms
And turn round and round
Smile to the heavens
Where dark cloud abounds

The lamp post fades
And everything is white
Wiped the tears from my misty eyes
This cotton flowers that fill my sight

I smile and laugh
In joyous spree
These tears of heaven
Is such a beauty to see

They descend from heaven
Like troops of angels
In solemn prayer and silent singing
An orchestra my heart cannot repel

Wish I could stay
In here forever
This is serenity
I am always after.


The Crow

Ark! Ark! says the crow
Perched upon a leafless tree
Looking for something I cannot see
Maybe his lover or just a company

Ark! Ark! it goes on and on
Black against the plain of snow
Searching the vastness of the frozen desert
Desperate of something only he knows best

The sun came up and shadows dissapear
The river flowed like a joyous cavalier
He finds his place in an icy green
Of a nearby flock of which he’s not in

Then shadows chased the setting sun
A day almost over yet he can’t find one
The one who’s lost yet unforgotten
The one who promised but now unseen

Ark! Ark! to the night he cracks
He find his shelter on the edge of a rock
It offers no comfort but a shelter at least
Of another biting cold night in the company of none

Ark! Ark! wishpers the crow
In a voice so tired, deep and low
If I could only see his eyes in the darkness he belongs
There will be tears but he won’t show.


Eternal Sunshine

Where are you
You who warms my heart
And melt the winter chill that has put a weight

You who comforts me in the dead of night
The pillow I hug when I fear
So tight

I dream of you in every night
Wishing, hoping that my day will be bright
Because of you
My eternal sunshine

Don’t make me miss you
That I would forget who you are
That last passionate kiss
Is what I’m holding so far

Those eyes that makes high
Those lips that are too good to kiss
Your face of art a gift
My love, my eternal sunshine

I long for you
In this cold and freezing winter
You alone
My eternal sunshine

When will my longing be met
Satiated by your warm presence
When will my heart be comforted
Feel your love with its every beat

I long for you
I long for you
My love
My eternal sunshine.