Frozen Feathers

Oh night surreal
And the heavens cry
Of frozen feathers
Falling from the sky

I look above
With misty eyes
As I walk on the field
Of crystal and ice

The tears of heaven
So light and free
Settle like flowers
On the branch of trees

Some dance with the wind
In graceful circles
Others on the field
Lay soft as cottons

I spread my arms
And turn round and round
Smile to the heavens
Where dark cloud abounds

The lamp post fades
And everything is white
Wiped the tears from my misty eyes
This cotton flowers that fill my sight

I smile and laugh
In joyous spree
These tears of heaven
Is such a beauty to see

They descend from heaven
Like troops of angels
In solemn prayer and silent singing
An orchestra my heart cannot repel

Wish I could stay
In here forever
This is serenity
I am always after.



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