on missing Kanazawa

It’s been more than half a year. Still the memories are made fresher by every captured moment glued on a photo album. They jumped out of the piece of paper and enliven in my mind making me smile and sigh at the same time. If ever I get the chance, I would go back again and relive the memories.

in front of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Arts

Japan is such a wonderful place. But my memories of Kanazawa, a humble capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture in the Chubu region, will always be remembered. Kanazawa had been close to my heart since then that I cried when we are to leave for Tokyo on our last day of homestay.

leaving Kanazawa for Tokyo

Macha flavored chocolates awaits for me every time I go home from school or from an AFS activity. Watching the seagulls frolicking on Asano River over my bedroom window is such a joy to the heart. And who can forget those little kids I see that look like an anime character every time I wake up on a freezing morning as they head to school. The enchanting Kenrokuen Garden made majestic the Maeda Castle on the background. The gaiety that surrounds the silent walls of Higashi Geisha District, the pageantry of the Noh Theater and the modernity of the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

How do you like your food serve with gold? Yes, Kanazawa supplies 99% of Japan’s gold leaf demand. You can even eat them straight. Japanese believe it’s good for the body.

Kanazawa is a home where tradition and modernity is combined. Populated with such wonderful people and great food, I would always love to go back and live there if I can.

my host family at a Gold Leaf house

More than that, I am missing my host family, my Otoosan and Okaasan and my brother whom I used to exchange ideas with and share my learning and the culture that I brought right on their doorsteps. And my AFS Family with whom I have spent these memories with, it will always be a joy to see each other again.

JENESYS Batch 4 Country Mix


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