Farewell to Broken Heart


Let raindrop fall from dark August skies
And quench the thirst that my soul so desire
Flood the rivers and overflow to the field
Of my heart that has been the living battlefield

Let no man guise’s deceive me once again
‘tis been a masquerade I don’t want to begin
Let me stitch my cut and not yield to the pain
For in pain I know not love will gain

Stumble and fall but not once and for all
Let this circumstance teach us a lesson we call
Avoid the vanity where lies hypocrisy
To submit is a joy fleeting it will always be

Come oh soothing wind and dry this misery
Carry the memories that are painful to me
Rejoice oh mighty sun for I am now free
Now let me start again to where I should be

The beauty of a raindrop from dark August skies
Is a beauty to see now to my eyes
It calms my inner being and rejoices in my light
Learned a precious wisdom, now I wait in pure delight.


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