My Hachiko’s

happy days with Mickey

Some memories transcend time. A bond founded beyond flesh and blood cut short by a sudden unavoidable circumstance leaves a painful mark yet creates a wonderful memory. Such relationship brings tears to my eyes as I remember the bittersweet days I once had.

Taking a ferry to Iloilo City to visit the wake of my cousin who died of cancer, the crew played a film to entertain their passengers. I usually am not fond of watching films on board; I instead devoted my time to recovering the sleep I was robbed from waking up early to catch the first trip. The film however further denied me of sleep as I was glued to it. It’s a true story of loyal dog named Hachiko. The film was a 2009 Hollywood remake of the original 1987 Japanese film.

When Hachi’s master died in school where he works, Hachi waited for him for hours unmoved by other passengers and other distractions. This continued until he died in the train station where he always waits for his master. I was holding myself not to burst into tears, as flood of memories of my dear dog flashed back to me. Fortunately, the movie was cut short before my tears fell as we are about to dock.

The passing of my hachiko, Mickey, was a painful one as it is untimely and caused a lot of sacrifices on my part due to major decisions that I have to make. Sacrifices that included her being taken away from me and the depravity of companion lead to her early death. And just a thought of her always makes me cry. Ours was a relationship that transcends time indeed and she will always be remembered. The story of Hachiko is one of the many stories of his race to grace this world. Stories that inspire and gives hope to the many.

I am making a new one, now… with Kiyo.


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