Summer for most of us means vacation; a hike to the heavenly heights of Sagada and be one with nature and God, a splash of crystal blue waters of an island beach, a reunion with the whole clan, or simply stay-cation.

Probably exhausted with the demands of work, my colleagues (we’re now friends) decided to go out-of-town and enjoy a cool down at the beach to unwind. And we decided, we should go to Siquijor.

Known as an enchanted place and home of the witches, we ventured the place. It’s a 6-hour bus ride from Bacolod City to Dumaguete City and an hour ferry ride from Dumaguete City to the Island of Siquijor. We are indeed enchanted at the site of the island when we reached the port of Siquijor. The white sand, blue waters and green mountain-scape is a welcoming sight for us visitors amidst the laid back community. People are not as welcoming as with other places in the Philippines though. This maybe due to the fact that most of them don’t understand Hiligaynon nor Tagalog (they speak Bisaya or Cebuano). English would probably the best way to communicate. Nonetheless, the place is worth the adventure with cheap food and stay.


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