To You Who Dared

I have live the days of a life alone
searching, wandering, finding myself
leaving the tracks of the past
bridging the now and what has been

I drift in my sail boat
in the vastness of the universe
that offers promises that were never kept
and fleeting pleasures I couldn’t grip

but you captured my attention
like a star the shines in the bright blue sky
constantly twinkling, unchanging
and graced by the crescent moon

among these stars that twinkle and dazzle
your glow overcome shadows and mists
that made you unique, so extraordinary
a treasure I would forever keep

every night I would stare at you
not minding others who tries to grab my attention
wishing we’re on the same sky
where all night together we’d shine

though the distance between us is unfathomable
my loving gaze and prayers reaches you
and in return you’d shower me with your dust
and watch me while I sleep ‘til comes dawn

I’m glad I drift in this vast universe
for there I found my place to anchor
and that some promises are meant to be kept
and the space is the medium to which we speak.

To you who dared to conquer the gap
and traverse that silver lining between us
I will forever be yours
till the silkworm of our dreams have woven
the path that leads me to you.


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