The Element

when fever alights and this dire passion
loses its heat, consumed to ashes
the seething pain burned by flames
is a remnant of the past washed by waters

waters of mire – the blurry visions
seeping in my veins so cold as steel
hardened by time, numbing the brain
even air’s caress I could not feel

yes, this air of hope is there no more
to quench the thirst of this hardened soul
no dew to the earth to loosen its crack
only I am but a prey in the eyes of an owl

this fissured earth no words can heal
no precious gems can it ever share
nor life to give among its valleys and hills
but through the love you willfully spare

it is a wonder what this love can do
to this burnt passion and gasping hope
‘tis like the waters that quench the earth
the thinnest thread that would not choke.


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