Equality is a fallacy. I read this statement from a friend’s blog recently. His post stated how society progress because there is inequality. And I agree.

Society all over the world had evolved from being barbaric to feudalism to renaissance to the age of reason. This age of reason gave birth to humanistic theories and principles that also gave birth to individualism. The more the society tries to achieve unity and world peace through these principles, the more it complicates the situation. Thus, we have democracy.

Is this an answer to our search for equality? For freedom?

I think not. Here are some reasons why:

1. If God were to have His government, it is not democratic but command.

God is Sovereign and thus He alone decides on everything for the good of His children. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the command system that we humans created. This is way beyond.

2. The presence of Competition.

Competition plays a major role in a free market (democratic). For as long as there is competition, inequality thrives. How is this possible? Each person has to compete with the demands of the society and if you can’t keep up with it, you are left behind – inequality. What’s worse, the competition field becomes the arena of the fittest. The last man standing then becomes the sole owner of everything – monopoly. Isn’t this what is happening in the world economies today?

3. Individualism and Selfishness.

Democracy promotes individualism. Individual rights. Thus, making it harder to make wise decisions. Individualism breeds selfishness. All we think is what others can do for me, what the government can do for me, what God can do for me. Have we thought of what we can do to others? To our country? To God? If this happens then equality might be achieved since we all have the same goal.

4. Rotten society.

We all are imperfect being trying to achieved perfection in all facets. But we never can achieve that. Unless we fully surrender to God’s authority over us. The more we wanted a Utopia, the more we breed worms that destroy the whole apple. We wanted to make everything easier and simpler, now we have more complexities. The more we wanted to preserve society, the faster we destroy it.

This all boils down not with the system of government but with humanistic views and principles that clogs the way to achieving real equality.

Humanism equals Equality. But Equality is a Fallacy, therefore Humanism is a Fallacy.


2 thoughts on “EQUALITY IN DEMOCRACY: A Response

  1. I’m being presumptuous here that this post is a response to what i have written, but thank you for writing this post.

    The points you have raised were valid. In fact, i think there’ll be no point in furthering the argument, after all, something fallacious is not worth pursuing.

    I’m glad you transferred to wordpress.

  2. No further arguments then, John. hahaha
    Yes this is a response to your post “on being unfair“. I decided to write a response since I cannot contain all my thoughts in the comment page, otherwise it would be a litany of words. 🙂

    Thanks for tickling my idle mind.

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