At 6 o’clock, the city is aglow
Over the horizon, the moon shines low
City burst to life and light
Mountain ranges lies silhouette behind.

In the morning, the sun rises high
Feather of clouds under the big blue sky
Sea waves foaming its way to the shore
Of bravery and beauty, tells a lore.

Many faces here and there
Speaks of language so lovely and fair
People from all sorts and walks of life
Fill the streets in plains and stripes.

She offers love, so you won’t fret
Come and play, not hard to get
Choose to leave and you’ll regret
Why you have come, why you have met.

And so my heart, there it was left
She knows very well what I have felt
With one light on, alone in my room
I chase the memory of Cebu till noon.

This is one of my favorite poetry pieces. I love the rhythm and rhyme and its imagery.

© Mike Crisostomo – November 25, 2008


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